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Sample card stacks to get you started

Here are some free extension stacks with MnemoRep flashcards. To study or to use as inspiration for creating your own learning cards.

On this page you will find an explanation how to upload these .ods or .zip files into the app.

Addition and subtraction tables zero to twelve

Train your skills in addition and subtraction with the full tables from 0 to 12 in these two stacks of flashcards. Wrong answers are included to allow studying with all four available answering modes, like multiple choice and typing your answer shown below.

Country flags of the world flashcards

Each of the 254 countries of the world has its own flag. Can you tell which country belongs to a flag? Or match a given flag with the right country name?

Boost your geographical knowledge with these two stacks of flashcards and related images, bundled in two .zip files each covering half of the world’s countries. You can study each of the downloads independently. When you upload both files into the MnemoRep app, the cards will be merged automatically into two stacks covering all countries of the world. Enjoy!

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